Best Way to Cool Down a Jeep

Three guys without much to do, an old Jeep and a swimming pool. This isn't going to end well.

Jeep is currently in the midst of a controversial recall (or rather their refusal to issue one) for older model Grand Cherokees and Liberties due to their supposedly faulty gas tanks that could explode in an accident. It’s a pretty serious issue but a group of semi lunatics from the Great White North (that’d be Canada) had an interesting idea, to say the least, to cool down a Jeep. Apparently there’s not much to do in summertime Canada as these guys hopped in an old Jeep, rolled down the windows and attempted to floor it over a swimming pool.

As much as it looks, our heroes here still managed to destroy the pool along with ruining the Jeep. At least the Go Pro Survived

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