Special Edition

Better Act Fast If You Want A Gold Nissan GT-R

Just the paint though, it isn't a solid gold car.

Although Nissan tends not to go quite as crazy with the special editions as some companies do, the Japanese carmaker does realize that there is money to be made from special editions of sports cars, or supercars, or whatever you'd classify the GT-R as. But it has still been a few years since there was really a proper special edition of the GT-R, seeing as things like the Nismo model don't count. So there will be a 45th Anniversary Edition for 2016, and it will be gold for some reason.

The special paint and matching tinted VIN plates and commemorative plaque are pretty much the extent of what's special about this edition. That's not much, but the car also doesn't cost a whole lot extra, coming in at just $1,000 over the cost of "regular" Premium-trim GT-R. It will still be difficult to get one though, even if you've got the money. Autoblog has learned that only 30 units of the car will be sold in North America, so you'd better hurry up and place your order now. If you do miss it, the 2016 pricing breaks down like this: $101,770 for the Premium, $111,510 for the Black Edition and $149,990 for the Nismo. Although, for once, these are the same prices as the 2015 models.

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