Beverly Hills Cops Slam Supercar Drivers On Instagram

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When a supercar driver gets into trouble in 90210, the fuzz takes to social media

Despite what Eddie Murphy would have you believe, being a cop in Beverly Hills can't be all fun and games. Not with so many rich folks – both locals and visitors – driving around in exotic wheels with higher performance capabilities than their drivers necessarily possess. But that doesn't mean the local fuzz can't have a little fun at the expense of wayward motorists while on the job.

As our friends over at The Drive discovered, the Beverly Hills Police Department has been posting photos on Instagram, showing drivers of high-end automobiles getting themselves into trouble.

Like the Ferrari LaFerrari that one driver totaled recently, thankfully without any injuries or other damage reported (as if the million-and-a-half-dollar write-off weren't bad enough). "Ferrari Friday; #speed will put a dent into the weekend fun and the wallet," captioned the BHPD. Or the stolen Rolls-Royce Wraith driven into a tree: "Both suspects were located and later arrested after the investigation discovered the car to be an unreported stolen vehicle."

Then there's the rentals, like the Ferrari California T that was stopped by a motorcycle cop doing 81 mph in a 35 zone: "rental car with no license plates and out of vehicle registration greater than six months; we then towed it."

Or a 488 Spider: "Why was the driver of this rented #ferrari 1. Stopped, and then 2. Arrested by a BHPD bicycle officer? A. No license plates, B. Possession of drugs, C. Failure to install ignition interlock device, D. All the above."

Another driver was stopped for filming himself on his phone while speeding in a rented Lamborghini Huracan. And the drunk driver of a Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 crashed right in front of the fire station: "Today's life lesson, don't drink and drive." We couldn't make this stuff up, but it's all happening in the glitziest part of LA. And part of us is glad the fuzz is sharing.

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