Beware: Your Ford Super Duty Could Lose Its Front Wheels

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This is a scary thought.

Recalls are never fun and affect everyone, but some are worse than others. Manufacturers have recalled cars for everything from failing touchscreens to faulty seatbelts, but the latest from Ford is particularly concerning. Ford announced on Monday that 17,616 Super Duty trucks from the 2021 model year would be recalled for a serious issue. The problem is hub extenders that "were not properly tightened by the supplier". The potential result? The front wheels could come off.

That's quite a scary thought, and what makes it worse is that it only affects certain dualie models, which means that the most heavily worked trucks are those that have the most risk at the moment.


Ford is set to reach out to affected owners from next week, but if you can't wait, you can always check out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website to determine if your vehicle could be among the problematic models. Thereafter, you can contact your local dealer to get the process of inspecting the vehicle for repair started. On a positive note, Ford says that no crashes or injuries have been reported as a result of the issue, but the recall will also encourage owners not to use the vehicle until the issue is resolved, as you would imagine of such a dangerous issue.

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It is a little worrying that Ford is working on all-new electric trucks and hardcore off-roaders when it hasn't quite got the basics of one of its most important vehicle ranges right, but it should be noted that this was cited as a supplier issue. That being said, it is still a worry that should have been picked up during inspection, especially in such a heavy-duty vehicle. Will we ever have the day come when cars are sold with no issues? Tesla has shown that electric vehicles can have many faults too, but with these having simpler architecture, we dream of a day when all cars leave all factories with no issues.


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