Bid Farewell to the Opel Ampera

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The Chevy Volt's better-looking, Euro-only twin is on its way out.

The overall styling of the Chevrolet Volt isn't bad, but it's also not that exciting. That's OK for most, but when it came to its Europe-only twin, the Ampera, Opel decided to give the extended-range plug-in hybrid a far more dramatic-looking front end. Without question, it gives the car more presence and individuality than the typical gasoline-powered car, and even the lame-looking Toyota Prius. It was even the co-winner of the European Car of the Year in 2012.

However, it hasn't sold all that well. When the second-generation Volt debuts in 2016, the Ampera will be killed off entirely. How bad are Ampera sales, exactly? In 2013, a total of just 3,184 units were sold. In the first five months of this year, only 332 found new owners. For a somewhat ironic comparison, Ferrari sold 83 F12 Berlinettas in Germany in the first half of this year. How many Amperas? 46. The question now is whether the next-gen Volt will be offered in Europe at all.

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