Bieber Just Got A Sick Liberty Walk Kit On His Ferrari 458

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This thing looks insane.

Justin Bieber is known for being a big fan of Ferrari. In fact he recently added a LaFerrari to his personal fleet. He's also had a Ferrari 458 Italia in his garage for several years which has undergone lots of different modifications and had multiple looks. The first round of customizations on Bieber's 458 Italia featured a white paint job with matching white rims. Soon following the white on white look, the 458 was kitted out with a matte light blue wrap and then a matte red wrap.

However, the latest custom work on the pop star's famed Ferrari most definitely tops all previous looks. Justin recently turned to his pals at West Coast Customs to apply a full Liberty Walk body kit to his 458 Italia. The supercar is also wrapped in a gorgeous bright blue and has big blue Forgiato rims to match.

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