Bieber's Latest Smash Hit is a Kneecap

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Bieber plows 458 Italia into photographer, before putting his foot down and fleeing into the night.

Justin Bieber vs. the paparazzi. It's like a contest between the least likeable people on the planet. In his latest bout of car trouble, the teen heartthrob was involved in an alleged hit and run incident. As he left Sunset Boulevard comedy club Laugh Factory with Lil Twist last night, the little punk took out an equally despicable photographer who he left lying on the tarmac as he sprinted off into the distance in his white Ferrari 458. From the video of the incident it's unclear whether the Bieber meant to give the papp a knock or if the celebrity snapper simply took a hit to milk some compo.

The story is unfolding so we'll check back if something interesting develops. In the meantime check out the vid and decide who you hate more. We know that's like having to choose between eating vomit soup and a puss-filled pie, but give it a go.

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