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Big Changes Are Coming For The BMW 7 Series

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Here's what you can expect from BMW's next-generation luxury limo.

Like many other automakers, BMW is preparing an electric product onslaught sooner rather than later. Originally, the plan was to launch as many as 25 electrified models, including 12 new EVs, by 2025, but increased competition has prompted BMW to change its strategy and aim to achieve this goal by 2023, which is very ambitious.

BMW has already teased the i4 and iX3 fully electric models, and a recent report claimed the 5 Series will also get a fully electric variant in the future. Now, BMWBlog claims that BMW will also offer a fully electric 7 Series for the first time when the next-generation model arrives. Currently known as the i7, the new electric limo is based on the fifth-generation platform allowing for both internal combustion engines and EVs.

Like the i4, the electric 7 Series will be offered with different power outputs and battery packs. The publication claims there will be at least three different battery packs available, which means there will be three different i7 models.

Full details haven't been confirmed yet, but sources have said that the capacity of the battery pack could start at 80 kWh to match the i4 and go higher than 120 kWh. BMW is already working on its next-generation batteries, which will offer higher density than before. With its largest battery pack, the electric 7 Series could travel 435 miles on a single charge. Former BMW CEO Harald Krueger claimed the company's next-generation eDrive will enable the i4 and iNext to achieve 340-435 miles of range, but the flagship i7 could potentially have an even higher range.

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As for power, the range-topping i7 is rumored to have at least 650 horsepower on tap, which would make it one of the most powerful BMW models yet. The next-generation BMW 7 Series is due to arrive in late 2021 or early 2022. Other variants are rumored to drop the current model's V8 and V12 engines in favor of 6-cylinder engines paired with electric motors.