Big Changes Are Coming For The Next Volvo V40

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And there's a chance it'll come to the US.

Volvo has been aggressively refreshing and expanding its line-up over the past few years, with a particularly strong focus on growing its crossover models which have proven very popular with shoppers. It will also be phasing out all gas-powered engines during the course of this year moving to hybrid tech across the range with full electrification planned to happen by 2025.

Due to these factors Volvo's European Head, Lex Kerssemakers stated in an interview with Auto Express that the aging V40 hatchback will not be directly replaced by a similar model. The carmaker's goal of reaching global sales of 800,000 units will require a few changes.

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The V40 is the last model in Volvo's range not to be underpinned by either the new CMA or SPA platforms; the Ford Global C platform which it uses does not allow for electrification, so it has to go. Kerssemakers said that a replacement model is currently being designed and should be ready within the next two years.

While he did not call this replacement design a crossover, he did say that it will sit higher than the current car and that they intend to add a new body style to the 40 series range in the next few years. That sounds to us like a mash-up between the current V40 Cross Country and the XC40 crossover, something in the vein of the BMW X2. This should appeal to those who do not want or need the additional ground-clearance of a crossover, although hatchback fans will have to look elsewhere.

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"A higher car will also more easily allow for electrification, a version of which all of Volvo's new cars will offer. We can't launch a car that isn't equipped to be fully electrified," Kerssemakers said, although he reiterated that they will still offer lower sedan-style vehicles such as the current S60 and S90 as he feels there is still a market for them.

Judging by Volvo's latest designs as well as upcoming vehicles like the Polestar 2, the V40 replacement is unlikely to be ugly, let's hope it makes its way to our shores this time.

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