Big Group of Russian Thugs Fail Hilariously at Catching The Guy They're Chasing

But only after getting all of their faces and license plates on camera.

We don't know what affiliations the guys in this video have, or what the guy in the car did to offend them. But we do know one thing: If the guy in the car knows that he's the target of a lynching, standing in front of his car probably isn't a good way to make him stop. This, as well as quite a few other pieces of advice, might all be things which the blood-thirsty mob should have been told, probably really slowly.

There's a second video after this one on the next page, from the other side of the fence, be sure not to miss that.

Bet you thought they looked stupid in the first video, huh? This video won't make you feel any better about them.

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