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Big Improvements Are On The Way For Infiniti's Infotainment System

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Including the long-awaited addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Infiniti is gearing up to replace some of the aging models in its lineup, but these changes are still around three years away. As company introduces major changes to its cars, it will also overhaul its infotainment system. Speaking to Go Auto, Infiniti reported it will make major changes to its controversial dual-screen infotainment display. The dual-screen design made its debut when the company replaced the G37 with the Q50. Though the system is a huge improvement over the old unit, it still isn't the most advanced system on the market.

The graphics still feel cartoonish and stuck in the last decade, but Infiniti promises to deliver higher resolution graphics with the updated system. The update will also add long-awaited connectivity features, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and internet connectivity. Unfortunately, as with the changes to Infiniti's model lineup, the infotainment improvements may not come right away. Infiniti product strategy vice president, Francois Bancon, confirmed an initial upgrade was slated for models built in 2019, but a fully overhauled system will be available on next-generation models starting in 2021.

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As other automakers continue to improve their systems, Infiniti will be stuck waiting until 2021 for major improvements. Bancon offered some consolation by stating, "Apple CarPlay will be rolled out next year," in 2019. "Next year is going to be the first step of improvement, and as we move forward with a bigger display, 12.0-inch, 15.0-inch whatever, of course we are going to improve the accuracy," he said. The new system will retain the dual-screen design, which has received positive feedback from customers. "It's intuitive and it works well. To be honest, only the media complain about the twin display," he said. Infiniti needs to refresh its technology quickly, because its infotainment is starting to feel very old.