2014 LA Auto Show

Big News From German Brands Coming to LA

Audi and Mercedes will each reveal three new models at the show.

Withall the spotlights currently pointed at the next month's Paris Motor Show, it'shard to believe that major German automakers are still keeping some cards uptheir sleeves for the November Los Angeles Auto Show. But according to somereports, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are both planning on making quite a splash whenthey roll into LA. Both companies will be revealing three new models each, andthey are being quite secretive about what they'll be showing.

One car that is already practically RSVP'd for a Los Angeles reveal isthe Audi A9 concept, a vehicle that will likely closely preview an eventual productionmodel. As for Mercedes, expect the Maybach limousine to finally make an oppulent appearance.Porsche will also be getting its share of attention, with the 911 GTS and 992-gen911 on their way.

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