Big Willie Robinson's "Duke and Dutchess" Daytona Restored and Heading to Barrett-Jackson

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No, not the "Duck Dynasty" guy.

Big Willie Robinson was a legend in the street racing community, and something of a hero to many of the people of Los Angeles. The legal-ish street races he ran at Terminal Island in the Port of Los Angeles served as a means of keeping kids from getting involved in gangs, and also as a place where those in rival gangs could assemble peacefully, sometimes even resulting in further peace being brokered.

The former Green Beret Vietnam vet died in 2012, two years after his wife Tomiko. The pair had raced together, with cars nicknamed "King" and "Queen", but also owned a third car, known as the "Duke and Dutchess", a 1969 Dodge Daytona. It is this car which has been restored to mostly factory condition, apart from the paint (it was originally red, you can see this in the photo of the engine bay) and the lettering, which were restored to Robinson's original work. It is now going up for auction through Barrett-Jackson.

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