Bigfoot Electrifies the Monster Truck

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This electric car isn't being crushed under the enormous wheels of a monster truck. It's an electric monster truck itself.

Go to a monster truck rally and you can expect to hear rip-roarin' V8 engines burbling their throaty exhausts. But if the Fiat Panda monster truck didn't turn that notion on its head enough for you, just wait until you see what the folks at Bigfoot 4x4 have done for their latest project. Teaming up with Odyssey Battery, the Bigfoot team packed its famous monster truck with 36 car batteries and an electric motor with 350 hp and 850 lb-ft of car-crushing torque. The result may sound more like the Power Wheels version, but it can still flatten a couple of Ford Tauruses.

If anything, the 1,375 lbs worth of battery packs help in that regard, and the four-wheel steering helps it get around tight spaces. It's all capped by a Ford Super Duty-style body shell, but of course it's anything but stock underneath. The best part about the electric powertrain, though, may be hearing the cars actually crushing under the tires.

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