Bigger, More Luxurious Volvo SUV Coming In 2022

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The BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS need to watch out.

According to reports, Volvo is currently working on a new flagship SUV called the XC100 to sit above the XC90 in its lineup. Early rumors claimed the XC100 would compete with the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS, making it larger than the current 2021 Volvo XC90 that does battle with the X5 and GLE. We then heard that the XC100 would arrive as a coupe version of the XC90, essentially an X6 or GLE Coupe fighter.

A new report from Auto Express seeks to clear up the confusion surrounding the XC100 by confirming that the model will, in fact, compete against the X7 and GLS. According to the UK outlet, the XC100 will ride on Volvo's forthcoming SPA2 large car platform because the current SPA platform can't handle anything larger than the XC90.

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SPA2 will accommodate vehicles up to 216 inches long, meaning the XC100 should outstretch the X7 and GLS, which measure 203.3 and 205 inches, respectively. The XC100 will reportedly be 216.7 inches long, around 11.8 inches longer than the XC90, meaning it will trump both the X7 and GLS in terms of pure size. With more length, the XC100 should theoretically offer more legroom than its competitors.

Volvo has reportedly given the XC100 an internal project code of V616. The first '6' specifies that this is the largest Volvo model, the '1' indicates that it's a first-generation model, and the second '6' identifies it as having an SUV body style.

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We expect the XC100 to arrive with a slew of powertrain options, including gas, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric. The fully electric XC100 should receive Volvo's new Recharge moniker, first used on the XC40. The SPA2 platform will also spawn a new all-electric Polestar-branded model, which will sit as a new flagship model. We expect the XC100 to arrive in 2022 as a 2023 model vehicle.

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Source Credits: Auto Express

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