Bikejacker Gunned Down By Cop During Bikejack

Shocking video shows biker being held up at gun point before undercover cops gun down robber as he attempts to flee the scene.

Captured from a helmet cam, what starts as an innocent video of a biker zooming through the streets of Sao Paolo, Brazil, quickly descends into something far more dramatic. While slowing down at an intersection, the biker is overtaken and cut up by a couple of guys on a red bike, the passenger of which then points a gun in his face. Almost immediately after he is ordered off his bike, an undercover cop emerges from a car in traffic and fires two rounds into the armed thief as he attempts to ride off on his ill-gotten possession.

While his accomplice makes a quick getaway, the gunman is left injured on the tarmac awaiting treatment. There are no confirmed reports to the contrary, but most reputable news sites are claiming the robber survived and was later arrested by police.

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