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Biker Crash Lands on a Camaro

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A seemingly highly avoidable accident ends with a biker on the roof of a Camaro and his Harley written-off for good.

If you're going to film yourself driving then the least you can do is make the effort not to crash. However if you do, try and crash in style like JeanClaude14602. While cruising on his Harley Davidson "barely above the limit" in Cedar Key, Florida, the biker was suddenly faced with a Camaro that had come to a stop without any brake lights. He claims his only options were to swerve left (no time to get all the way round), go right (a parked car and telephone poll put paid to that idea) or try to skim by the side of the car and take his chances.

In short, he says the impact was unavoidable (we beg to differ) and at a shade under 70 mph he slammed into the car, landed on its roof and held on as the car rolled to a stop. The bike is a goner but luckily for the biker he walked away with just a limp.

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