Biker Slams Into Brand New Rimac Nevera In California

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The Callisto Green electric supercar appears to be Rimac's official marketing vehicle.

After years of arduous development and testing, the Rimac Nevera is finally being delivered to excited customers across the world. Formula 1 star Nico Rosberg was the first customer to receive his gorgeous electric supercar, which proudly wears the honor of being car #001. However, that doesn't make it the first official Nevera to be built.

That distinction goes to vehicle #000, a Callisto Green-painted example used by Rimac for press events and marketing. However, it seems the vehicle in question has already been involved in a rather nasty shunt on California's Pacific Coast Highway.

Andrew Petrella/Twitter

In a now-deleted Tik Tok video (since posted to Twitter), the 1,914-horsepower supercar can be seen standing on the highway with injuries to the rear end. It appears that a speeding biker slammed into the rear of the Nevera, causing damage to the carbon fiber bodywork.

The biker is understandably frazzled. Not only did they cheat death, but damaging a vehicle priced at over $2 million isn't anyone's idea of a good day. According to the video, the biker may be at fault. The person behind the camera can be heard speaking to the Rimac's occupants, blaming the motorcyclist for dangerous driving. "I don't know if you need anything, but they've been riding crazy down this whole PCH," he says.

Andrew Petrella/Twitter

Save for the biker's bruised ego, it appears no one was severely injured in the crash. But what was Rimac's marketing vehicle doing cruising around sunny California? The most likely possibility is that it's in town for Monterey Car Week, a hugely important event for automakers like Rimac.

While the accident didn't appear to cause much damage to the Nevera, the electric vehicle is built entirely out of carbon fiber. It's unclear as to whether the impact compromised the integrity of the beautiful bodywork but, one thing is for sure: the repair bill is going to be alarmingly big.

Andrew Petrella/Twitter

If found to be responsible, the biker is going to end up on the wrong side of his insurance company. Hopefully, the Rimac can be repaired in time and still make it to the festivities in Monterey - if that's where it was heading. Still, there should be another vehicle on display for showgoers to ogle.

The Croatian carmaker has gone to great lengths to ensure its electric performer can withstand serious accidents. Even though Rimac has crash-tested a total of nine prototypes in order to meet global standards, it's still tough to see a brand-new production vehicle already involved in an incident. While it appears to have been the biker's fault, we do feel a bit of sympathy for them.

Andrew Petrella/Twitter

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