Bikini Babes Go Wild in a Supra

Swimsuit model and gearhead Jessica Barton strips down to a bikini before taking her sexy friend for the ride of her life in a 1,000hp Toyota Supra.

Bikini model Jessica Barton made the headlines this year when her heavily-modified 1994 Toyota Supra – tuned to deliver over 1,200 horsepower after an investment of nearly $100,000 – was stolen and then recovered completely stripped apart with just a few bodywork components remaining. To cheer her up Real Street Performance offered the former playmate and drag-racing nut the chance to run in its own 1,000-horsepower Supra at the TX2K13 event in Texas last weekend.

Obviously they insisted she wear as revealing a bikini as possible and bring along a similarly-attired gorgeous friend for the ride. Thankfully, they filmed the ride for our viewing pleasure.

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