Bikkel Turns VW Beetle into DeLuca Roadster

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Fancy a sportscar on a budget? Meet the Bikkel DeLuca, a Beetle in roadster clothing.

While German boutique sports car companies like Artega, Gumpert and Melkus are falling by the wayside en masse, the Dutch are going full steam ahead with their latest projects. Case in point: Bikkel Sportscars, which has put together this boxy little roadster called the DeLuca. Costs have been kept down by using an old-school VW Beetle as the donor car, which can be pre-ordered direct from the company for around 7,000 Euros.

Alternatively you can get your own donor car and Bikkel will do the rest. The parts needed to transform the bug into a full-fledged sports car can be ordered online and a construction manual and DVD is supplied for those that like getting their hands dirty. The DeLuca comes in at less than 450 kg, which combined with between 90 and 130 horsepower makes for a nippy little runner for those on a budget looking for something a little bit different.

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