Birthday Drift Ends in Tears

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Drifting dad's car in the snow is never a good idea. Even if it's your birthday.

We all have our own idea of what constitutes a cool way to celebrate getting one year closer to death. Some like to go out and party, others prefer low-key affairs surrounded by close friends and family, while, as the following video reveals, taking dad's car out for a spin with some mates also represents a way to mark the special occasion. Somewhere in Russia (where else?), these young chaps are headed for the local McDonalds, supposedly to feast on some Happy Meals and add the latest Sponge Bob toy to their collection.

En route, however, the plan takes a drastic turn for the worst.Instead of cruising to pick up some nuggets and fries, the birthday boy thinks it a better idea to drift his old man's motor in the snow. As you may suspect it wasn't. And as the remorseful Ruski later reflects: "We should have gone to McDonalds..."

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