Bizarre Animal Kingdom Concept Cars

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Cars based on animals? Anything is possible.

Designing cars inspired by animals is nothing new. Many cars are inspired by and named after animals. Most of these models are graceful, elegant and eye-pleasing. These designs are all of those things, but with a twist. Each of these cars were designed for a far-off future where it's normal for a car to look and perform like a crab or lizard. Whether some of their design elements make it to similar, but not quite as radical looking production cars is something else, but it's hard not to appreciate the creativity here.

Victor Uribe Chacon's Unimog 6EV is a lizard-inspired EV designed specifically to perform airport chores. The Unimog 6EV features 6 in-wheel electric motors (hence its name) and is designed to pull planes and transport passengers.

The Citroen CCrab from designer Juha-Pekka Rautio could be just the car that brings the French automaker into the U.S. market. The CCrab is inspired by, you guessed it, crabs. The vehicle's four wheels can move independently of one another making parallel parking and weaving through rush-hour traffic a cinch.

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Here's hoping that Nissan is keeping a close eye on the Guardian concept from Ming-deng Tang and Bo-jyun Jhan. The Nissan Guardian is a leopard-inspired off-roader designed for the year 2030. The vehicle is designed with tires that adapt to changing terrain (like a leopard's paws) and a system that monitors the driver's heart rate for safer driving.

The U-Wall Lizard was designed by Zhi Min Lin for a future without normal roads. The roads in Lin's world are sky-high and curved, requiring a vehicle such as the lizard to navigate. The concept's unique tires and suspension are worth a look see even if you think that we'll all be driving EVs on flat roads come 50 years.

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