Bizarre New Music Video Makes Fun Of Inexperienced Nurburgring Drivers

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You need a bit more than ambition to master the technical track.

A trip to the Nurburgring is almost always close to the top of everyone's automotive bucket lists. Given that it's considered the most technical and enduring racetrack in the world with its 12.94-mile distance housing 154 corners, why wouldn't you want to test the limit of your driving abilities there? For this very reason, the location has become a double-edged sword as it also acts as the stage for some of the most impressive crashes.

Manufacturers understand the relevance of the Nordschleife as you'll almost always see prototype models ranging from a Porsche 911 GT3 RS to a Honda Civic Type R giving it their all while being thrashed by the most experienced test drivers. Even De Tomaso changed its plans to build its new car in the USA in favor of an all-new plant located on the outskirts of the historic German racetrack.

Heizer Monkeys Heizer Monkeys/YouTube Heizer Monkeys

As a means to pay homage to the history of this iconic track, Heizer Monkeys has released its new song with a complimentary music video titled the TF Song. The new track tells the story of a hopeful driver that wants to hone his skill around the circuit with the assistance of esteemed members of the trade including Porsche Team boss Olaf Manthey and Double World Rally Champion Walter Rohrl.

What message does the TF Song hope to translate to its listeners? Heizer Monkeys explains that it is a satirical take on the unrelenting young drivers who are "too fast" that take to the 'Ring with a combination of emotions. Without focus and respect for the track, their outing soon transforms into a viral YouTube video.

Heizer Monkeys/YouTube Heizer Monkeys/YouTube

While watching the video, you may have noticed the term "Pineapple King" being mentioned by the lead singer. This is a reference to the German phrase 'Goldene Ananas' or Golden Pineapple which is a make-believe prize awarded to those who think that the Touristenfahrten public track session is a competition and that overtaking another driver earns you more credibility.

If you find the tune catchy and like the message that they're trying to translate, you can invest in some TF Song merchandise that will be available via its website in the coming days. The proceeds will be donated to the EifelKind Charity that raises funds for disabled children.

Heizer Monkeys/YouTube Heizer Monkeys/YouTube Heizer Monkeys/YouTube

Heizer Monkeys is a band consisting of members from Vienna to Manchester and London. Coincidentally, some members of the group are seasoned racing drivers. The drummer, Leo Willert, currently competes in the Porsche Challenge Middle East championship. The lead singer, Joey, also has some skill behind the wheel having raced a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car at the Le Mans Classic.

Speaking on the creation of this song, Joey says, "I think most of us develop into more mature characters over time, but as far as track driving was concerned, I was starting a bit from behind! When I first came 12 years ago I loved the 'Ring from the first stroll around the car park during a TF day, but I really had no clue. More specifically, I had no clue about what I didn't know, and that of course can be dangerous."

Heizer Monkeys/YouTube Heizer Monkeys/YouTube Heizer Monkeys/YouTube

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