Bizzarrini Giotto Kickstarts Italian Automaker Rebirth With V12 Engine And Giugiaro Design

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Bizzarrini is targeting famed marques like Ferrari and Lamborghini with its new mid-engine supercar.

Little-known Italian marque Bizzarrini has unveiled its first new supercar, called the Giotto. Named after the company's founder, the limited-run beauty boasts Giugiaro styling and the promise of great performance.

Powertrain details will be revealed later, but Bizzarrini says the vehicle is expected to have a naturally aspirated, mid-engined V12. This is a nod to the legendary Lamborghini V12, an engine that proved so successful the brand used it for decades. Lamborghini contracted Bizzarrini to design the masterpiece, which went on to power legends like the Miura, Countach, and Murcielago.

While outputs remain a mystery, the Giotto will use an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. Chris Porritt, the man who once led Aston Martin, Tesla, and Rimac's engineering divisions, will oversee the powertrain development as CTO of Bizzarrini.


The Giotto will feature a composite body structure that will meet safety standards, along with lightweight carbon fiber body panels to ensure even greater performance.

"We now very deliberately and authentically recreate Giotto's vision, choosing not to chase acceleration times or lap records, but to develop a car that appeals to those experienced drivers seeking purity, authenticity, and rarity. This is vocal and emotive, it's mechanical and it's tactile. But it's also incredibly practical and luxurious, delivered with the personality and emotion of a bespoke Italian brand," said Chris Porritt.

Bizzarrini has elected to style the Giotto after the iconic 5300 GT, a car the automaker has since revived with a special production run. Like the car from which it draws inspiration, the Giotto was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son, Fabrizio.


There's no denying it's a spectacular-looking motor car. Equal parts dramatic and graceful, the Giotto looks like nothing else on the road, though we do see a slight resemblance to the Bugatti Centodieci in the front end. The dual hood-mounted vents found on Bizzarrinis of old have morphed into a styling feature and now house the slim headlamps.

Between them, you'll find the marque's logo. The 5300GT's triangular B-pillar and unique rear windscreen inspired the Giotto's side profile. While the front end whispers quiet aggression, the rear end is more flowing and tapers away gently for a more aerodynamic shape.

"To have the opportunity to design an entirely new car from Bizzarrini is a privilege," said Giorgetto Giugiaro. "Our two names are united in nearly six decades of history and a series of now iconic designs. With the Giotto, we honor the past but we focus wholly on the future."


There's no word on when the Giotto will be made available but, with testing only commencing in 2024, we wouldn't be surprised if the first examples only hit the road in 2025 at the soonest. At least we'll get more information about the vehicle this year, giving us a better idea of what to expect.

"As we continue to deliver the 24 examples of the 5300 GT Corsa Revival to customers all over the world, we now focus on the development of the Giotto," explained Bizzarrini CEO Ian Fenton. "Envisioned as a car for connoisseurs, exclusively rare, [and] built for pure enjoyment and luxury."

The company's chief executive added that the Giotto is part of Bizzarrini's ten-year plan to see additional revival models and more sports cars. While many may doubt the automaker's success, remember that Pagani Automobili was virtually unknown to the world 25 years ago, and now it's comparable to Ferrari and Lamborghini.


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