Bizzarrini Veleno Biohydrogen Supercar Concept for 2030

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Aggressive. Futuristic. Alternatively-powered. Polish. That, is the Bizzarrini Veleno.

Eco-friendly and aggressive are the two words that come to mind when you gaze at the Bizzarrini Veleno concept. The aerodynamic supercar for the future was the end result of Polish Automotive and Transport Design student Borys Dabrowski's end-of-year project while studying at Coventry University in 2011. The Bizzarrini Veleno was created paying tribute in part to Ferrari 250 GTO designer and engineer Giotto Bizzarrini.

Aggressive styling carries over from Bizzarrini's work while incorporating organic design lines reminiscent of a poison dart frog, on which the model derives its name ('Veleno' is Italian for venom).

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"I've always been a fan of Giotto Bizzarrini's cars, so for my Degree Show project I wanted to design a vehicle which brought together the look and feel of one of his machines with the kind of futuristic technologies I think will be commonplace in 2030," said Dabrowski of his concept. The Bizzarrini Veleno's body is made out of a composite material with layers of aluminum, glass fiber and ultra-strong graphite-sourced graphene. It rides on array of rollers which allow for ultimate mobility both straight-forward and laterally. His design takes its motivation in the form of an electric motor that packs a hydrogen fuel cell.

The hydrogen, created by renewable energy sources such as algae and organic waste, is enclosed in a special tank made from a futuristic nanotube material. Check out the Bizzarrini Veleno biohydrogen-powered supercar concept by Borys Dabrowski in the gallery below.

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