Black Bison Bentley Continental GT by WALD

It seems like almost every tuning firm has had its way with the Bentley Continental GT. Today we bring you a slightly older tuned version of the beloved GT, this time by Wald International tuning firm. Named the Black Bison Edition Bentley Continental GT, the tuning package includes a body kit with hard edges with styling elements that give the car a sleek look.

The body kit includes a front bumper spoiler, side skirts, rear bumper spoiler, trunk spoiler, and roof spoiler. Lots of spoilers. Other components available on the Black Bison Edition of the GT include a suspension lowering kit and a D.T.M sports muffler exhaust system. The price for the body kit alone is listed as approximately $16,000. Rest assured that this outrageous price will also include those Wald 21-inch Portofino and Mahora wheel ranges.

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