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Black Hennessey Camaro ZL1 HPE750 Unveiled With 750 HP

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170 more horses than the stock ZL1.

As the master of American tuning, Hennessey Performance Engineering is no stranger to the Camaro, already releasing numerous takes on its various models. Now, the firm has unveiled a new project, the Black Hennessey Camaro ZL1 HPE750. The ZL1 has been equipped with a fuel system upgrade, an upgraded supercharger pulley, high-flow catalytic converters, stainless steel headers, upgraded valve train components, a custom camshaft, an HPE air-induction system, ported cylinder heads and more.

According to HPE, the ZL1's horsepower output has been increased from the stock 580 to a staggering 750 horsepower. Additional performance specs haven't been released, but we can only imagine what this has done to the stock ZL1's 0-60 mph time of 4.0 seconds.

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