Blacked-Out BMW M5 by 3D Design

Tuned Bimmers always draw crowds, especially in Japan.

The Japanese love their custom cars and 3D Designs work on the F10-Series M5 is no different. A carbon fiber body kit is the crux of the company's work, while a menacingly black exterior finish is meant to intimidate even the most ardent of automobile critics. Starting on the exterior, the body kit was designed for aerodynamics and made out of lightweight carbon fiber. It includes a front spoiler lip and low splitters, new side skirts, rear diffuser and trunk spoiler. They dropped the car with an Ohlins suspension system and gave it a set of blacked-out wheels.

3D Design further customized the BMW M5 with an in-house (with Arqray) developed stainless-steel exhaust system with quad 100mm tips. The interior features new pedals, gauges and floor mats. No pricing information has been released as of yet for the F10-Series BMW M5 by 3D Design.

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