Blind Mechanic Gets His Track Day

Aaron Prevost is no stranger to challenges. Born with a damaged optic nerve, Prevost is still able to work as a mechanic, and has a particular appreciation for European cars. He has never been able to drive the cars he works on though, until just recently. Rick Bye, a Porsche race driver of note and Porsche Canada's press fleet manager, was able to give Prevost a day at the track with a Boxter. Bye said that Prevost was a perfect student.

After riding along for a few laps with Bye behind the wheel, the pair worked out a system of signals and Prevost took the wheel. When Prevost was younger, he and his sister had come up with a similar system to allow him to ride a 4-wheeler, and the practice paid off so well that he was able to perform in the Boxter nearly as well as any driver's first time on a track. Bye credits Prevost's positive attitude with being the reason for his ability on the track. Photos courtesy of Toronto Star.

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