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Bling Backorder: There Aren't Enough Cadillac Escalades


Demand is high and people are putting down deposits. So what's the problem?

The all-new 2015 Cadillac Escalade is quite a thing. It’s big, luxurious, and full of bling. And many people are more than willing to throw down $75,000 to have one. This all sounds like a good thing for Cadillac, but there’s a problem: there aren’t enough Escalades to go around. Why can’t GM build the new Escalade fast enough to satisfy demand? According to a new report, there are "logistical snags and prolonged quality inspections at GM’s SUV assembly plant in Arlington, Texas."

These issues have led to a month or more from when the vehicle rolls off the assembly line until it arrives at a dealership – a wait time that’s three times longer than usual. So what are some of these quality control issues? Cadillac confirms that it does involve some interior elements, such as hand sewn leather. But reasons like that aren’t making dealers happy. They’re complaining, rightfully so, that many of their influential and wealthy clientele are being inconvenienced too much. Instead of going to their regular Cadillac dealer, these once loyal customers are now looking elsewhere in order to get the SUV. They simply lost patience with the wait time. GM has confirmed it’s working to solve the supply problem as quickly as possible.

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