Bling in Beijing: Lime-Green Chrome Lamborghini Murcielago

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Throughout the world, Lamborghinis are looking to bring in a new era of 'green is the new orange.'

Yellow was the new red, then orange became the new yellow. And now it seems green is the new orange for supercars, and specifically Lamborghinis, from across the globe. From the Verde Ithaca Green Aventador in Atlanta through the matte-green Underground Racing twin-turbo Gallardo in Orlando, Florida to this shiny lime-green Murcielago spotted in Beijing there is no escaping that this is quickly becoming the discerning supercar clientele's color of choice.

Arguably the most bling of the three, even the Forgiato wheels of the Murcielago have been accented in the eye-popping shade of green by local wrap experts '100 Tuning.' It's no surprise that Lambo owners in China want to stand out as the car is doing very well here. In fact, the company expects China to be its top market by year end, having sold over 300 cars in 2011. Other colorful wraps recently spotted in the emerging superpower include pink, purple and gold Gallardos and a chrome Muricelago.

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