Block Keeps Driving After His Fiesta Catches Fire

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Ken Block is used to smoking his tires, but fire? Nothing more than a mild distraction for the Gymkhana guru.

Most people would probably stop driving if their car caught fire. But in this and so many other ways, Ken Block is not most people. In this latest video from the Hoonigan himself, Block is seen racing at the Global RallyCross event in Las Vegas during the SEMA show last month where a fire suddenly broke out in the cockpit of his 600-horsepower Ford Fiesta HFHV. What started as smoke coming from the center console ignited into a more serious fire after the first four laps.

The drifting guru might have kept going if the fire hadn't entirely melted the center console, forcing Block to jump out and extinguish the blaze. Fortunately he walked away from the incident unharmed, but the incident left him handing the championship to Tanner Foust. We like Tanner just fine, but the case just goes to show who the bigger badass is.

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