Blonde and Goldfish Lap the Nurburgring in Renaultsport Twingo

Margot Laffite does a hot lap of the Nordschleife in a Twingo RS while a blonde model hangs onto a goldfish bowl for dear life.

Renaultsport recently invited its Facebook fans to suggest unique challenges for the Twingo RS. The first feat had the hot hatch play bowling ball in a game of giant ten-pin, but this latest is more fun.

For its next challenge the new Twingo RS was asked to take a fan's goldfish on a lap of the Nurburgring Nordschliefe. Renault duly obliged, employing French car journalist Margot Laffite to chauffeur a gorgeous model named Jenny holding a goldfish bowl on her lap around the Green Hell in the new Twingo Red Bull RB7 edition. Watch the video for plenty of screams, splashes and the clichéd (but always enjoyable) wet t-shirt.

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