Bloodhound SSC To Attempt New Land Speed Record Next Year


It successfully hit 200 mph last year, but Bloodhound’s ultimate goal is to set break 1,000 mph.

Next year promises to be a year of speed record attempts. Hennessey is aiming to break the 300-mph barrier in a production car using the Venom F5. The Bloodhound team, on the other hand, is chasing a new land speed record. Significant progress was made last year, as after years of development the Bloodhound SSC jet car successfully completed its first test run at 200 mph. The plan was to attempt a 500-mph run in South Africa's Northern Cape desert this year, but this has now been postponed until May 2019 once again due to financial setbacks.

RAF Wing Commander Andy Green will then attempt to break his previous land speed record before the end of 2019, with a target speed of 800 mph. Bloodhound’s ultimate goal, however, is to hit 1,000 mph in 2020. To cut costs, the car won’t be shipped back to the UK between its first and final test runs next year. According to Autocar, money saved from this decision is said to have kept the project on track. Reaching 500 mph will be risky, since the car relies on its aerodynamics between 400 mph and 500 mph, and is a lot less stable. For the first time, the Bloodhound’s aluminium wheels will be used for the test because the tires on regular wheels would disintegrate at these speeds.

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The final test before the end of 2019 will be crucial since Bloodhound is aiming to top 800 mph, beating Green’s 763-mph land speed record set in 1997. Extra rocket motors will need to be added before the Bloodhound can attempt its 1000-mph land speed record in 2020. Green said that the thrust for this run will reach 20 tonnes – that’s equivalent to the power all nine RAF Red Arrows Hawk aircraft, or 180 Formula 1 cars, can produce.