Blowout At 200 MPH Leads To A Badass Drift


NASCAR driver Erik Jones turned a potentially lethal situation into some sideways fun.

Suffering a blowout under normal driving conditions is scary enough, but what happens when said blowout occurs in a NASCAR Toyota Camry? Most normal people would just clutch the steering wheel and utter what they assume to be a prayer. Erik Jones, the driver of the No. 20 Toyota Camry, decided to drift his way out of trouble. The 20-year-old lost his driver's side rear tire heading into a turn at around 200 mph, yet somehow managed to execute a graceful drift that kept both him and his car off the wall.

We have seen drifting at NASCAR tracks before but this video is more awesome than Ryan Tuerck's recent romp at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway because it was unscripted. Yup, this is just some good old fashioned badassery from a kid who looks like he hasn't even learned to shave yet.

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