Blue Chrome GLK Arrives from Russia

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The GLK serves as a canvas for blue. Lots and lots of shiny blue.

We've seen blue chrome wrapped onto a Nissan GT-R, the Bugatti Veyron Centenaire, a Porsche Cayenne and on Office-K's ridiculous mega-collection, however the Mercedes-Benz GLK completely covered from head to toe is one of the more confusing propositions we have seen of late. The GLK is neither rare, exotic, fast nor even that popular of a model. Since it is a Silver Star model, however, we are assuming that the owner thought it prudent to affix it with one of the loudest wraps on the road.

Fitted by Russian firm Re-Styling, the Mercedes-Benz GLK not only features blue chrome all over the exterior but bespoke blue-wrapped Brabus wheels coated in Michelin rubber. A custom interior sees an L-Studio sound system provide some serious bass, while bespoke headrests seem to finish off the owner's vision. Re-Styling has also added unique badging to the exterior of the car. Love it or hate it, it sure is a thorough job. Check out the finished product in the gallery below.

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