Blue Ferrari F12 With Armytrix Exhaust Terrorizes Monaco With Brutal Revs

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Could this be the loudest street legal Ferrari on the road?

It's a pretty safe bet to assume that anyone who buys a Ferrari is generally not going to be the type to turn down an opportunity for attention. There are always the rare birds that really do care about the performance and heritage and don't give a damn about looks, but to satisfy that craving without all the commotion there's always some go fast and relatively subdued version of the Porsche 911. This owner, however, is in the camp that loves the attention and has found quite the way to get it.

Assumptions aren't always the best things to make about people, but how else do you explain the purchase of a brash Ferrari F12 that's been painted (or wrapped) in an eye-popping shade of frozen blue with black accents, and then equipped with an Armytrix exhaust system? And then there's the fact that this entire scene takes place in Monaco.

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The small city-state is known best for its auto-crazed attention seekers that come for the Formula 1 races, the supercar sighting, or the high end shopping and lodging. That's what makes it the perfect backdrop for the Armytrix-tuned F12. It's not like Ferrari's engineers had a hard time letting the 6.3-liter V12 sing on its own, but this owner likely lives for these moments when fans crowd the cockpit brandishing smartphones in hopes of saving a shot for the supercar spank bank. If you're interested in preserving your hearing for a later date, try to resist the urge to turn the volume all the way up.

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