BMW 1-Series Comes Packing 500-HP V8 And Jay Leno Loves It

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Want to extract more power from a BMW 135i? Fit it with a V8.

We've seen some unique cars on Jay Leno's Garage, from the misunderstood Jensen Interceptor, to the $1.25 Million Jaguar XKS. This latest creation started life as a stock 300-horsepower, twin-turbo BMW 135i. For renowned BMW fan Marco Svizzero, this wasn't enough, but instead of buying a BMW 1M, he made some rather extensive modifications. The result is this beastly V8-powered featured in the latest edition of Jay Leno's Garage.

Svizzero explained that he didn't originally plan to fit the 2008 with so many modifications, but as he started driving it on a race track the upgrades started to get increasingly extreme, until the stock engine couldn't handle any more upgrades. So he ditched it and fitted it with a husky V8 from an E92 M3, like most people would.

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But even this still wasn't enough, and soon this was replaced with an even wilder 4.6-liter stroker engine from Dinan. Now the not-so-modest 1 series has 502 horsepower and the sublime sound of a V8 engine, which makes it more than a match for the 1M. The 1M clone has been fitted with numerous other upgrades, too, including a modified body mimicking the 1M with wider fenders, a new front bumper and 1M fender vents. The brakes were upgraded, and the interior was fitted with a roll cage and accompanying race seats. Despite these upgrades, it's still street-legal, although it's clearly better suited to the track.

Still, at least Svizzero didn't make any compromises on comfort, remembering to fit it with air conditioning and a stereo. You can see the V8-powered 1M clone being put through its paces in Jay Leno's extensive video. Just don't forget to turn the sound up to enjoy the sound of that incredible bellowing V8.

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