BMW 1 Series GTR by Senkyr Motorsports

In case you don't know about Senkyr Motorsports, they are a Czech racing team which runs a fleet of BMW motorsport race cars. They have recently unveiled their latest creation, the BMW 1 Series Coupe GTR inspired by their own E92 GTR model. In order to create the new 1 Series Coupe, they had to modify an E82 1 Series Coupe chassis to fit a wide-body similar to the one found on the E92 GTR.

The results were a vented hood that helps with extra cooling and an aggressive looking front bumper. The widening added to the cars more muscular look. Behind the front bumper lies a front mount intercooler that's needed to cool the charged air sucked in by the twin turbos. The new rear bumper also resembles the one from the M3 GTR, which is always a plus. Finally, the engine was also upgraded and enhanced to now produce 408-horsepower at 7200 rpm.

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