BMW 1-Series M Coupe Ruined in Singapore

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A man in Singapore has tuned his 1M coupe and the result: an epic fail.

When traveling in Singapore, things you would want to see include safaris into Singapore's jungle heartland, tours of its modern capital Singapore City and gambling at one of their two casino resorts. Things to avoid: a BMW 1M coupe with some of the worst wheels ever put on any car. Ever. Spotted by Teamspeed's Lambo91 in a car-park, a foolish Singaporean bloke blew some of his hard-earned Singaporean dollars on some of the worst modifications we have ever seen.

The headlights have been whited out and a huge roof spoiler are just some of the most notable failures on this 1M. As our technical editor so fittingly put it, "everything the owner did to his 1M was done wrong." Apparently the license plate alone cost a ridiculous $100,000. Underneath all that styling, there is a 1M in there waiting to be rescued like some Chilean miners.

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