BMW 1M Coupe Goes the M3 GTS-Route by Studie AG

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Japanese tuning has never worked out so well for a German sports coupe before.

Any good BMW fanboy knows that only 150 units of the BMW M3 GTS made available when it was announced to the market back in November of 2009. The rare Bimmer earned plenty of fans, however only a few were able to procure one. One reason for the difficulty of ownership? A €115,000 price tag. Japanese tuning firm Studie AG has created an alternative to M3 GTS-ownership with a 1M Coupe built in the style of the aforementioned model.

740 units of the 1M Coupe were sold worldwide and the kit does the M3 GTS justice. Studie AG's work includes a matte black GTS rear wing, matte black diffuser, Akrapovic exhaust with carbon fiber tips, custom-built vented hood, gloss black wheels and a very poignant Fire Orange exterior finish.

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