BMW 1M Coupe Tuned by TVW Car Design

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The 'baby BMW' can now hit a top speed of 187mph.

TVW Car Design has just released their new speed-based take on the BMW 1M coupe. The coupe has been modified to meet light-weight targets and to get the most performance out of the baby BMW. Based in Crailsheim, Germany, tuners TVW have added lightweight accoutrements to the 1M that help it boost its top speed to an impressive 187mph. A new BMW Performance carbon-fiber rear spoiler and carbon-fiber roof save the coupe precious pounds.

The roof is painted a solid black to match the new 20-inch blacked-out Continental Sport Contact 5P wheels. One of the first things changed on the 1M was the standard exhaust, as they upgraded to an 11hp-boosting exhaust system. The engine puts out an impressive 420hp and has a total torque of 326 lb-ft. It comes equipped with an adjustable KW coilover suspension and an Evotech intercooler which allows for greater air flow. The interior features bucket seats wrapped in leather to give the coupe a sportier style.

The steering wheel comes equipped with BMW Performance LED indicators. The hardware and software have also been tweaked to allow maximum performance. The 1M coupe kit by TVW Car Design prices at €5,000.

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