BMW 1M RS by Tuningwerk is a 500hp Beast


The M-brand’s entry level model has been given a comprehensive tuning package transforming it into a street-legal racer.

The German tuner has gone to town on their latest project dubbed the 1M RS. Based on the BMW 1M coupe, the super-hot-two-door has been transformed into a street-legal track racer via a thorough tuning package made up of visual and power enhancements, improved aerodynamics, performance brakes & suspension, and a sportier interior. Under the hood lies a heavily modified 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six, which from the factory comes with 335hp and 332lb-ft of torque.

After an ECU remap, modified turbochargers and cooling system, and a custom titanium exhaust system the engine now manages a mighty 521hp and 453lb-ft of torque, and can shift the 1M RS to a top speed of 186mph. Tuningwerk also made alterations to the transmission, shortening the ratio to 3.25 so that it makes less turns to each wheel revolution. The tuning firm also added an optional racing clutch, a stiffer suspension and new braking system with 370mm steel discs and the option of 380mm carbon-fiber discs.

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To shed some weight, the German tuning house replaced certain body panels with carbon-fiber pieces, such as the hood and boot lid, while the new GT4 front lip spoiler, rear wing and Recaro bucket seats are forged from the same lightweight material. Optional carbon doors and plastic side glass can be ordered if having a full racing spec car is more important than comfort, while for FIA admission a better roll cage is required. The BMW 1M RS coupe rides on 19-inch forged ATS superlight alloys wrapped in Dunlop Sport Maxx high-performance tires. Pricing for the complete package including the donor vehicle starts from €119,000.