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BMW 2 Series Joining the Lineup

There has been word recently that BMW has filed for U.S. trademarks for a selection of 2 Series badges. All this points to the fact that the German automaker is indeed moving forward with its plans to introduce new models between its 1 Series and 3 Series lineup. It sounds exciting, but may not be exactly what it seems. The 2 Series badge could be given to the next-generation of 1 Series models.

We've already reported that BMW is planning on some new front-drive vehicles based off the same platform, and that this platform will also be shared with the next-generation MINI Cooper. BMW is slated to roll out a second-generation of its 1 Series rear-drive models, and it plans to give it the 2 Series badge in order to avoid confusion with the front-drive models. For now, Euro BMW offers rear-drive 1 Series hatchbacks and will be converted to the front-drive layout, therefore, remaining 1 Series models. Photos displayed are of the BMW 02-Series

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