BMW 3 Series GT Spied Testing at Nurburgring


BMW will be hoping the 3 Series GT succeeds where the 5 GT so famously did not.

With the 5 Series GT being one of the most unsuccessful models BMW ever built, it seems odd the Bavarian automaker is attempting a similar ploy with the all-new 3 Series sedan. For those that require a gentle reminder, the 5-Series GT is essentially a station wagon/failed hatch-like crossover whose sales figures never quite lived up to expectations. Following recent spy photos of the upcoming 3-Series GT showing some new details we now have a video of the car undergoing testing at the 'Ring.

From the rumors we've heard so far, the 3 Series GT (F34) will not get the twin-door hatch that's featured on the 5 GT, but a normal one-piece hatch. Engine options are likely to follow the 3 Series sedan line-up and be mated to an eight-speed automatic 'box as standard.

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Overall, we don't expect for the 3 GT to catch on particularly well in North America, where mainstream buyers were never fans of hatchbacks to begin with. Time will tell whether BMW has the power to convert them. Expect to see the 3 GT debut at the Paris Motor Show in September and hit the market sometime in 2013.