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BMW 4 Series Convertible Spotted With Little Camo

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With its official debut imminent, our spy photographers have captured a thinly covered 4 Series convertible.

Yes, you should get used to the fact that two-door and convertible variants of the BMW 3 Series are now called the 4 Series. Brand and model purists are not too pleased. Everyone else doesn't really care. Expected to officially debut in the very near future, most likely at Frankfurt next month, our spy photographers have just managed to snap a few images of the 4 Series Cabrio with just about no camouflage hiding its body.

What's more is that this particular pre-production model that's painted Melbourne Red is equipped with the M Sport Package. Engine and transmission options will be identical to that of the coupe and sedan. At some point down the line there'll also be the M4 Convertible. Like what you see? We do, and we think it looks even better than its coupe counterpart. 4 Series production is expected to get underway at the end of this year.

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