BMW 4 Series Finally Shows Off Its Massive Grille

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Along with a new M Performance Package.

When BMW revealed the Concept 4 in 2019, its massive kidney grille became the topic of much internet debate. While leaked images have shown the controversial grille is heading to the production BMW 4 Series, the carmaker has done a nice job camouflaging the nose in previous spy shots of the car. Until now, that is. The G22 generation 4 Series has been spotted once again and for the first time, we can finally see the new grille.

As expected, the production car will have a very similar design as the concept that differs greatly from its four-door counterpart, the BMW 3 Series. Just like other large grille designs from Toyota, Lexus, and even BMW's own 7 Series, we expect this new one to spark debate amongst enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike.

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Ignoring the grille for just a moment, this test mule also shows off other interesting features of the upcoming 4 Series, particularly the M Performance Package. This represents an excellent option for buyers who want a bit of extra performance and style but don't want a hardcore M car and the associated M car price.

On the upcoming 4 Series it appears to include a more aggressive front spoiler lip, side skirts, brakes with blue calipers. The wheels seem a bit small for an M Performance car but perhaps these are just for the test mule. We can also see canards on the front bumper. As these are usually reserved for ultra-high-performance cars, it's unlikely these will appear on the production car.

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The 4 Series will be offered as a coupe or convertible likely in 430i and M440i guises. The 430i should be powered by the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder in the 330i producing 255 horsepower while the M440i should get a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six producing 382 hp. A high-performance M4 model will follow. BMW is predicted to reveal the car in June but the coronavirus has thrown a wrench into many automaker's plans.

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