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BMW 4 Series GranCoupe Coming to Geneva

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Sporty and more practical than the 3 Series, the four-door coupe will expand the 4 Series lineup to three models.

BMW is adding a third model to its 4 Series lineup, with the GranCoupe set to make its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Joining the coupe and convertible models, according to the car maker, the new liftback will be "a visually racier but eminently practical four-door alternative to the traditional 3 Series saloon." The GranCoupe is the same length and width, but slightly taller than the Coupe.

The length of the front doors have been shortened to make room for smaller rear doors, which combined with beefed up B-pillars adds 100kg to the car's curb weight. Thanks to AutoFans.be, we can see what BMW has in store for the 4 Series GranCoupe with a rendering based on recently revealed patent drawings. The four-door coupe is differentiated from the two-door with a more heavily curved roofline, while a more raked windscreen and rear window sets it apart from the 3 Series sedan. Engines will carry over from the 4er and rear-wheel drive will be standard with xDrive offered on select models. BMW will price the GranCoupe around $8,000 more than the 3 Series Sedan.

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