BMW 6 Series Facelift Debuts, Not Much Has Changed But There's New Exhaust And Headlights

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A pretty mild facelift, but then it was already quite a nice car.

One of the more challenging parts of running a car company would have to be trying to keep products fresh there's absolutely nothing wrong with. BMW's 6-Series has been pretty well liked thus far, but it was time for BMW to give it a little rethink. Though potentially disastrous, we're happy to see that the facelift didn't ruin anything, and the car is largely unchanged. The exhaust is all-new though, that being one weak point of the old car.

We're told that it sounds much better now, which couldn't hurt. The headlights have also been rethought, although this basically just boils down to LED lights coming as standard. The engines remain the same, and so does the M Sport package. There are two new equipment packages, Design Pure Experience and Design Pure Excellence, which offer some nice aesthetic touches, the Excellence package being the more extensive of the two. Several new paint color options have been added, as have a few options for interior leather. All told, this is more of a tweak than a facelift, and that's OK.

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