BMW 6 Series To Make Triumphant Return

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But if it comes back, it won't be how you remember it.

The BMW 8 Series arrived on the market in 2019, replacing the 6 Series Coupe, Convertible, and Gran Coupe. Only the 6 Series Gran Turismo remains on the market today, although it has thankfully been killed off in the US market. With the 8 Series now filling the role as BMW's flagship luxury cruiser, we think there is room for the 6 Series to return as a more focused sports car. The Z4 already competes with smaller sports cars like the Porsche 718 Boxster, so perhaps the 6 Series could return as a rival for the Porsche 911.

Way back in 2016, a rumor emerged that the 6 Series would morph into a 911 rival. The rumor never came to fruition and it was simply forgotten. But speaking with BMW design boss Adrian van Hooydonk, Autocar may have ignited this rumor once again.


When asked about reviving the 6 Series nameplate for a 911 fighter, van Hooydonk responded, "It's a nice idea. Maybe we should work on that!" This statement should not be taken as a confirmation but it is nice to see BMW's design boss express interest in the idea. Building a 911 fighter is no easy task, which is why Mercedes-AMG built its own bespoke sports car called the AMG GT. BMW's M Division is rumored to be working on a bespoke sports car of its own, though we still do not know what form this car will take or what name it will use.


With the 6 Series essentially gone and the i8 also leaving production, BMW's lineup is wide open for a mid-engined, 911-rivaling sports car. Whether or not this new sports car would carry the 6 Series name, it is something BMW should at least attempt. The 6 Series nameplate has too much heritage to simply let it die off and we hope BMW brings it back soon.


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